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February 25, 2012

Election 2012: Why Obama Gets The Vote

Keeping New Year’s resolutions is difficult, especially if that resolution is to drop a bad habit.

Like if you were to try and clean up your dirty mouth and use less curse words. Then you need to find a new vocabulary to slide into the place of all those expressive expletives you left in last year. The hardest part of dropping a bad habit is finding a replacement for it.

At least that’s what I’ve found nearly three months into 2012. The year I’ve decided to quit smoking.

By the end of 2011 I was up to a pack a day, and at roughly five minutes to smoke each butt, I’m left with an extra hour and forty minutes to fill each day, almost the length of a movie.

Cinema being as it is these days I’ve decided to read more and early last week I found myself aggressively scanning the bookshelves for more words and ideas to inhale like nicotine smoke.

I settled on “A Generation of Swine” by Hunter S. Thompson, the Gonzo journalist

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February 25, 2012

USF Slave Auction Met With Opposition

From February 2011

A bee startled two girls into shouts at the start of “History Relived”, a Black Student Union run event held at the University of San Francisco on February 10, 2011.

The event began with the playing of a Negro spiritual, which caught the attention of many students and faculty on the sunny day, before four members of BSU began to read Slave Narratives that described both the horrors of slavery and the difficulty of adjusting to freedom.

After the event, BSU President Krystal Aaron said, “I was actually very pleased with it. The narratives were very powerful and I think it got a lot of people’s attention.”

But, Aaron added, “I am kind of sad we didn’t get to do our original plan.”

BSU’s “original plan” was the staging of a historically accurate colonial American slave auction.

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February 4, 2012

Election 2012: Why Newt Gingrich Has Run the Best Campaign of All Republicans

Back in June 2011, as the rest of the Republican hopefuls were jogging laps, trying to get in shape for the mad dash to the nomination in 2012, Newt Gingrich was floating around the Aegean Sea with wife Callista, just trying not to catch a sunburn.

This decision, to cruise rather than campaign, aggravated Gingrich’s then campaign manager Rob Johnson and his then spokesperson Rick Tyler so much that the two men and a bus load of aides quit team Gingrich, saying the former Speaker of the House wasn’t serious enough about running for President.

They all may be having second thoughts now. After the 68-year-old Gingrich pulled off a win in South Carolina, he is suddenly neck-and-neck with the odds-on favorite, Mitt Romney. Gallup even has Gingrich ahead by one percentage point in their latest poll of GOP ballot support.

Unexpected maybe, but certainly no surprise. If there is one thing Newt Gingrich knows it is television, and more specifically the key role it plays in the American political process.

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