That Old Facebookian Rag

There is that old Facebook anxiety. My account has only be reactivated for a few minutes but already I’m slightly sick thinking of how much of my personal life should I give away, who I should friend request, is my picture kind of basic. That old Facebook anxiety feels like eating too much junk food. It turns a stomach. But I’m back to try and form a healthier relationship with the service and use it as a tool to specifically share my writing with the world. Nothing more than that.

I admit have a lot of issues with Facebook, like most people do. My reasons are no different from anyone else’s and a few years ago they all added up to one big enough bummer that I deleted my account. I lost all my former friends. People from my highschool I haven’t seen or spoken to in almost a decade. Random girls from my freshman year of college that I may have met once at a party, maybe. A collection of total strangers gathered over a few years, numbering around 700 plus. Where are all my friends now?

I kind of wish I still had them. On one hand, to have a large audience for whatever I may write. But on the other hand I wish I had a richer multitude of lives in the deliciously fibered fruit salad story of content to gorge on. I want to contribute to that story. I want give people the same lingering taste of my thoughts and hopefully it will be sweet and make someone feel good, like eating figs makes someone feel good.

So I intend to write and share my writing on Facebook. If you are interested please take a look and engage. I’ll try to respond to comments and stay engaged on this medium. While I think ultimately that Facebook is a destructive force in society, a manifestation of Heidegger’s warning that the development of invasive communication technology is the greatest threat to human life and the essence of humanity.

While I agree with the philosopher on the whole, Facebook is a threat to humanity in the very way that it is enjoyable. When life is transformed into a story, a crystal river of content murmuring peacefully by all the time, it is apt to wash away the flesh, the blood and all the feelings and consequences that come from material existence.

So I believe Facebook is a powerful tool that should be taken seriously and used in a serious, deliberate manner. That is how I intend to use it and share some of my ideas, some scenes from my imagination, and of course, my rants. It is hard not to rant these days.


Author: christopher carson

Writer living in Washington D.C. covering Congress as a news editor with the Federal Network and publisher of Two Chambers. Voted Hillary, defends Kevin Durant to all trash talkers. A proud native of the real Upstate, New York thinks media literacy can save the human race and everyone should read Lolita.

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