That Old Facebookian Rag

There is that old Facebook anxiety. My account has only be reactivated for a few minutes but already I’m slightly sick thinking of how much of my personal life should I give away, who I should friend request, is my picture kind of basic. That old Facebook anxiety feels like eating too much junk food. It turns a stomach. But I’m back to try and form a healthier relationship with the service and use it as a tool to specifically share my writing with the world. Nothing more than that. Continue reading “That Old Facebookian Rag”


7 Things the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Graham-Cassidy, Says Breitbart

KICK BACK is a series of posts attempting to interact with the news and the internet in a more empowered way. To literally kick back and fight media with media. This one reads a piece by John Nolte, published in Breitbart on September 22, 2017. Italics are mine.

Should Graham-Cassidy, the latest manifestation of the seven-year Republican promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, manage to pass the Senate next week, ironically enough, conservatives will owe a debt of thanks to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the man single-handedly responsible for saving Obamacare in the last vote-around.

This is an incredibly accurate statement here to start this article, at its heart. Yet Breitbart still manages to obfuscate the truth by omission. John McCain was the single man responsible for “saving Obamacare”, as they say, saving Republicans from themselves, other conservatives may say, or even making a big sacrifice for what may sadly be a futile act to preserve the solidity and honor of the United States Senate, as I say.  But his were not the only hands that cast a no vote that early morning in July. Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska also voted no. And they did so for reasons of their own, particular to their state. Reasons, it should be said, that do not seem the least bit resolved by Republicans in this Graham-Cassidy bill. Continue reading “7 Things the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Graham-Cassidy, Says Breitbart”

How to Kick Back!

Roland Barthes asks in the Rustle of Language, “In a word, haven’t you ever happened to read while looking up from your book?” The answer is yes, in fact we all do it. And with the news these days, it’s easy to write a whole book of worst case scenarios, just reading the headlines on the train to work. It can be a scary story a lot of the time. But doing that is a lot of the fun of reading books or even the news.

Kick Back is about writing the story that runs through the mind more intentionally, having more fun engaging in the ideas we all so naturally submit ourselves to constantly. The text we write when we look up?” Barthes thought there should be a word for it.

Kick Back! To consider the reader and loosen the power of the article.

Jeremy Lin: What Linsanity Teaches About American Media

Have you heard about this guy Jeremy Lin? He is the point guard for the New York Knicks and he’s supposed to be quite the basketball player.

With all the attention he’s been getting in the past weeks, he must be. Lately, it seems like anybody with half a brain and a working knowledge of the English alphabet has been writing about what Lin does, what Lin means, and what Lin says about the American dream.

Well, I’ve got half a brain and fancy myself a writer, so that makes it my duty—and my pleasure, really—to contribute to what Janet Malcolm called that old, uncanny zeitgeist, by commenting on the latest flavor.

Continue reading “Jeremy Lin: What Linsanity Teaches About American Media”